Featured Teacher: Eden Le Comte

Eden Le Comte

I have quite a few stories, this is one that stands out to me…

The apartment I moved into is right across the road from Robinson, a big shopping centre in Trang. I go there almost everyday to get my dinner and I walk around looking at the different shops (even if i’ve been in them every other day of the week). There is this one little stand in particular I always stop to look at. There is a woman that sells genuine leather bags and belts. They’re so finely detailed and my ‘wish list’ for what I want from this stand is endless.
I began going to look at the stand quite frequently and one day the woman came out from behind and said to me “Hello, what is your name? Are you on holiday here?” I told her, “My name is Eden, no, i am living here. I am an English Teacher”. She seemed shocked but happy. She then said, “Are you living with your boyfriend or family?” I replied “No, I am here on my own” Her jaw nearly dropped to the ground. She said “You need boyfriend so you are always safe. If you ever need help or there is an emergency, you come to me. My brother is Policeman, we will help you.” I was so warmed at how she had noticed me coming so often to look at her stand and she had been kind enough to introduce herself. But the fact that she had only just met me and was worried about my safety amazed me.
Thai’s have so much kindness in their hearts and I feel it every single day. From the PE teacher at school who sells his coffee for 5 baht, but said I can have it for free every day. From the woman at the market who sells delicious waffles and can spot me when i’m walking by and says “hello!” From my Thai friend who lets me come to her house to use her washing machine to wash my clothes.
Photo on 19-08-14 at 3.37 PM #4
When you’re in Thailand the smallest gestures can put a smile on your face and make your whole day. If you let it, you can experience this every single day.

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