Featured Teachers – Lyle and Drene’

Well our story is a bit of a long one. The first two weeks after leaving Hua Hin we ended up in Phutthamonton (Salaya) where Drene’ was working and she loved the school. For the first week I was a temporary teacher at Denla Rama 5, a very nice Kindergarten school (1500 young ones), then I got the golden school.

photo (3)I started working at a Temple school (Buddhajak) in Bangkok close to the MRT (Sam Yan). The Thai teachers were so nice. It was like a home away from home, the head of English even referred to me as her “son”.  I ended up only spending 2-weeks there then a call came through, they had a position for us in Lopburi with both of us at the same school and of course we took it.

photoIt was a hell of a journey to get to our final destination, but in the end we learnt so much. We love our new school and environment and only recently made a heap of friends.

There is such a big learning curve in Thailand, it will not always be sunshine and roses but in the end it’s what you make of it. If you want to make it work, IT WILL



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