Dave and Lego

photo 1From a dumped litter of 7 at Kao Tao Temple, only 5 days old, eyes closed, these two were the sole survivors and found by a resident monk who alerted Rescue Paws.

photo 4Rushed to Tan-Diau Pet Hospital in a bucket for a check up, they were given the all clear and I have since been hand raising them.

Playing mum to such young puppies has had its triumphs and low points of stress and lack of sleep, however being able to see their growth development and their personalities develop has made it worthwhile.

photo 3

Dave the bigger of the two, at their last weigh-in, was 600 grams heavier than his brother. He was also the first to open his eyes, teethe (and start using me as his chew toy), recognise my voice, and most recently have his eyes turn brown.

Lego is most definitely the runt and his development has been slower than his brother’s, however he has a hearty appetite and now that they are starting to wrestle, he is not letting himself be bullied too much.  It takes strength on my part not to break it up when I think Dave is being too rough, but I understand he needs to learn to play nicely.

photo 2

Like all puppies their favourite toys are not those that have been bought, but basic items like a paper bowl, bath mat and an empty water bottle.

It is crazy how quickly they develop and the changes they go through. I just love seeing their personalities come through and how much of a sucker I am for their puppy eyes!

photo 3

photo 5Onto solid foods and becoming more independent, I know the time for me to give them up is approaching much too quickly, not to mention I will be heading back to Australia in less than a month’s time.

I hope the start in life that I have helped give them results in a lifetime of companionship, health and happiness.


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