Flake and I


There is something about timid dogs that pulls at my heart strings.  It’s hard to explain why, but I am drawn to them and have this desire to see them smile, wag their tails, and receive the pats and attention they deserve.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I was first introduced to Flake, she would slink out from behind the Buddha statue that she calls home, tail curled inwards and extremely cautious. Any sudden movement or noise and she would retreat, even if there was food on offer. Food had to be placed far enough away that she was comfortable to move forward to eat yet could retreat if need be.  She always kept herself at a safe distance.

Over the course of a few weeks, spending half an hour a day two to three times a week with her, Flake slowly started to realise that I was not a threat but someone she could trust.  Her tail was slowly starting to uncurl & she was coming closer to eat.  I was ecstatic.  Before my time here was over I knew we were going to be friends.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then it happened.  She was brave enough to eat out of my hand and even let me give her a little scratch behind the ears. Progress!  I thought if I could continue in this way for a few more weeks, she might just let me get close enough for a full body pat.

A few more weeks were not necessary.  Over the course of the next week, and to my ultimate surprise and delight, Flake started coming out to greet me when I arrived.  Not just from behind the Buddha, but to an outdoor table I like to think of as my office, with one spectacular view of the Gulf of Thailand.

photo 1Not only is she comfortable with me patting her & giving her lots of attention, she is content with lying at my feet whilst I sit, write and enjoy the view.

As the photos show, she will even walk me to my scooter to see me off until next time.


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