Kim’s Experience with Rescue Paws


kim 2


Kim is the latest in a line of volunteers to join the Rescue Paws project. She recently wrote an article about her experiences so far. Here’s what she had to say:

“Nothing could prepare me for me for my introduction to Soi (street) dogs.  I had read websites, absorbed the information sent by Global Work & Travel Co., Rescue Paws & XploreAsia, heard stories from friends & family about their experiences, but there was nothing to compare it to from my home town of Geelong, Australia. I have to admit I was naive about how my first few hours in Thailand would affect me.

kim 4A short hour and a half drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin, and my nose was pressed against the window in awe for that time. There were dogs in driveways of businesses, at petrol stations lying next to the bowsers, walking along the side of the road, sleeping on the side of the road and footpaths and dodging cars, scooters and trucks alike.

My heart ended up in my mouth on more than one occasion as I thought dogs & vehicles would collide, but they didn’t and after some time I saw that there was a synchronization to what I was seeing.  This is the norm.

From then I was hooked. I could not wait to make a difference to these dogs’ lives.
The decision I made just 3 weeks earlier was definitely the right one and I had not even met the team at Rescue Paws & XploreAsia or knew the full extent of what they are achieving.

kim 3Fast Forward 3 weeks and I am not sure I want to go home, other than to see my four-legged family.

I have been involved in fundraising events, adoption drives, treated puppies with skin fungus and mange, nursed injured dogs after car accidents and fights, helped to remove a tumor, and have been building trust with over 100 dogs that we treat and maintain, all while helping with a plan to build a new rehabilitation centre for sick and injured street animals. All of this on top of the day-to-day feeding, watering, medicine administration & general checkups of various sites to build a rapport so these dogs trust us and vaccines can be administered, and de-sexing can start taking place.

kim 1Someone asked just yesterday how I am coping with what I am seeing & how my room is not full of street dogs…..
I have obtained an understanding of taking the good with the bad, the healthy with the injured, that the packs these dogs live in are their families and amazing people are working together to ensure their safety & longevity.

I could not have asked to work with a more incredible group of people than those at Rescue Paws.  They could not have made me feel more welcome or accepted. Not to mentioned that they themselves are working towards the goals of enriching both Soi dogs.  And allowing people like me, to come and share in the journey with them.”


Thanks for helping us out, and keep up the great work, Kim!!!


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